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Colorado School and Public Employees Retirement Association

Birnadine Mack Scholarship Foundation

The foundation is named in honor of Birnadine Mack, who was a member of the faculty at Casey Junior High in Boulder Valley School District, teaching mathematics for twenty-three years. She was an activist in teacher association activities and, upon retirement, served as president of CSPERA for four years.

A $1000 scholarship award is to be given to winners in each of the four divisions of CSPERA; Metro, Northeastern, Southern, and Western. The money may be used for educational purposes such as trainings, workshops, re-certification credit, or studies in pursuit of a degree.

All information and the application are available on the CSPERA website,    Find Bernadine Mack Scholarship Foundation on the drop down menu.

Please distribute this information to anyone that may be interested.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in making school personnel in your district aware of this scholarship.

Questions- contact Mary Lynn Jones, or 970-493-5487

Mary Lynn Jones

Paul Van Camp
Online Application Manager
Birnadine Mack Scholarship Foundation