All individuals who are participants in Colorado PERA are eligible and highly encouraged to join CSPERA, Colorado School and Public Employees Retirement Association.

Whether you are just entering the field, been working 15 years, or getting ready to retire, you can reap the advantage of being a member of CSPERA.

The number one reason why you should join CSPERA is because you want your PERA funds to be protected when you decide to draw your pension funds. A portion of your dues goes to SECURE PERA, the Colorado Coalition for Retirement Security; this coalition endorses candidates and legislation that protect the PERA Defined Benefit Plan.

In addition to pension representation, we offer a whole lot more:

• Pension Education through our Breaking News and Quarterly Newsletter
• Social opportunities by connecting you with local communities via our website and Facebook
• Sharing of interesting ways to live healthy lifestyles, stay fit, and live lean in Colorado
• Travel, and supplemental insurance discounts through Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA)

Eligibility for membership in the association includes all active and retired state and public employees and their spouses who fulfill their financial obligations, all PERA annuitants, as well as other individuals interested in education and public welfare.

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